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What Golfers Are Saying

"December 2012 in Milwaukee, 7 Birdies, 2 Bogies, 9 Pars; Wearing the Major Chase gloves...you be the judge." -Dave Hill Teaching Professional
“I am so impressed with the Major Chase glove that I’m encouraging my peers to wear them.” - Jim Holtgrieve, a former Senior Tour Player
“The Major Chase glove is wonderful, it feels amazing! What an awesome way to grow the TopGolf Brand name to have our customized, unique logo on one of the best gloves on the market today.” -TopGolf Guest Services Manager in Dallas, Texas, Theann Egbert
“This is exactly the type of glove the players like to wear. The feel, the stitching, and the design are all classic. I love this glove!” - Senior Tour Player
“This glove is as good as the one a top 5 pro player on the tour is wearing right now.” - Professional Sports Star
“I had been wearing the same top brand golf glove for as long as I can remember,…and thought there’s no way I would ever switch. I tried the Major Chase glove and found that it feels better, it lasts longer & most importantly, it fits much better! Needless to say,…I switched !” - Ken Rosberg, President Cedar Creek Realty / Former PGA Assistant Club Professional
“The Major Chase Gloves were a big hit!” - Jeffery Abraham, Purtzer Golf - Arizona
One of my tour player clients said, The Major Chase Purely Premire Glove is better than the glove he is currently wearing.- Deryl Kratzer, President 4U Management