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Top golfers from all levels of the game -- amateur, professional, and club professionals -- agree that the Major Chase 100% Cabretta Sheep Skin Leather Gloves don’t replicate, they vastly improve the glove pros love to wear. Introduced for public sale in April 2012 at Augusta, Georgia, this one-of-a-kind, Purely Premier golf glove has received wide acceptance for its durability, feel, performance, and value pricing. The glove is currently available to view at www.majorchase.com where it may be ordered by businesses, merchandisers, charitable fundraisers, or organizations who qualify for wholesale pricing.

Major Chase partners with leading corporations as an integral aspect of their charity tournaments and corporate sales operations. In addition, this premier golf glove provides one of the most unique and innovative ways for regional and national branding for businesses and golf clubs alike to reach the affluent golfer demographic every time they play a round of golf. Major companies like Farmers Insurance, Sewell Lexus Automotive Group of Texas, TopGolf, Inlanta Mortgage, Legacy Texas Bank, Shadow Glen The Golf Club, Jesuit College Preparatory School, and many others are impressed with the fact that their distinct brand can be prominently displayed with RAISED "Rubber Method" logo on the back of each Major Chase glove.

To meet the diverse needs of all golfers -- men, women, juniors, pros, and amateurs -- The Major Chase 100% Cabretta Sheep Skin Leather Gloves are available in an unprecedented range of sizes and with choices in color, thickness of leather, and logo motifs. All are water resistant; and, to insure comfort, each glove is meticulously designed with breathable leather and thin side-seams to prevent blistering. (Please refer to the “the glove” link on our Major Chase home page to view these options.)

In short, anyone who wears the Major Chase Purely Premier glove will find the same consistent sizing; the soft, supple, velvet feel; the precise stitching; and the incredible comfort from fingertips to beyond the wrist line. If numerous professionals and amateur golfers as well as sports stars agree that the Major Chase glove upgrades their game, why not purchase these Purely Premier gloves today? Visit www.majorchase.com to order. Major Chase. It’s On!