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Major Chase Hits Major Niche!

Major Chase Hits Major Niche!

Building on its success at the recent 60th Annual PGA Merchandise Show, Major Chase has continued to expand sales outlets of its 100% Cabretta Sheep Skin Leather Gloves to golf shops and Corporations nationwide.  More than 40,000 golf-business enthusiasts and entrepreneurs from throughout the world converged on Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center to check out the latest and greatest golf products; many expressed high praise for the new Major Chase glove.  Bob Rosberg, Major Chase CEO, exclaimed:  "I'm very gratified with the response and reception we received from golf pros and companies at our first PGA Show.  I believe the participants agree with what we have felt since the inception of our organization -- the Major Chase Purely Premier glove is as good, or better than any top-quality glove the pros like to wear."

Media and professional recognition at the show included:  1) an article in Executive Golf that mentioned the glove as one of the top new products at the exhibit;  2) acknowledgment from Sports Illustrated writer, John Garrity's "Top-50 blog" for best products at the show;  3) an affirmative reaction from Bob Ford, PGA pro at Pennsylvania's historic Oakmont Country Club and Florida's Seminole Golf Club; and, 4) a propitious response from Dan Higgins, Golf Channel's Senior Director of Public Relations & Corporate Events, who agreed to distribute customized, sample, Golf Channel Logo gloves to his associates.

Since its initial release in April, 2012, the Purely Premier glove has received wide acceptance for its durability, feel, performance, and value pricing.  Credible, trustworthy proponents of the Major Chase glove include the following:

  • David Resch, head pro at Shadow Glen The Golf Club in Olathe, Kansas, commented:  "When I looked at all the gloves that are out there and what I saw at the PGA Show -- because of the feel, the durability, the customized RAISED "Rubber Method" logo, and the price point of the Major Chase Purely Premier glove -- deciding to buy this product was a no-brainer."
  • Jim Holtgrieve, a former Senior Tour player who has played in and overseen top amateur events throughout the United States and Europe, stated:  "This is an excellent product and it's a remarkably innovative idea with its interchangeable, adhesive-back, Dome Logo prominently displayed on each glove.  What a unique way of branding for corporations!  I'm selling Major Chase gloves myself!"
  • Dave Garcia, President of Golf Tournament Management, noted: "Combining quality, comfort, and the ability to logo makes the Major Chase glove a must for every corporate outing.  This is the most comfortable glove I have ever worn."
  • Theann Egbert, TopGolf Guest Services Manager in Dallas, Texas, remarked: “The Major Chase glove is wonderful, it feels amazing! What an awesome way to grow the TopGolf brand name to have our customized, unique logo on one of the best gloves on the market today.”

Yes, the Major Chase Purely Premier glove does provide a most unique and innovative method for regional and national branding.  Both businesses and golf clubs now have a sophisticated way to reach the affluent golfer demographic every time they play a round a golf.  And, by partnering with leading corporations as an integral aspect of their charity tournaments and corporate sales operations, Major Chase makes a significant dent in a previously untapped market.  It's a "win-win" situation:  golfers get the performance, comfort, and style they desire, and sponsors get a high-level of exposure for their marketing dollar.

The Major Chase 100% Cabretta Sheep Skin Leather Gloves are available in an unprecedented number of sizes: 28 for men, 18 for ladies and 8 for juniors that are for both right and left-handed golfers!  Also, there are up to 18 potential available choices of colors; 2 choices in thickness of leather; and 4 choices of logo motifs.  Plus, Major Chase has the trademark-pending Berm Knoll 2-color accents that can be added to coincide with a company's logo colors.  All are water resistant; and, to insure comfort, each glove is meticulously designed with breathable leather and thin side-seams to prevent blistering.  In short, anyone who wears the Major Chase Purely Premier glove will find the same consistent sizing; the soft, supple, velvet feel; the precise stitching; and the incredible comfort from fingertips to beyond the wrist line.

Major Chase: what led to the success of this upstart company with a golf glove that is taking the market by storm?  According to Bob Rosberg, CEO & President, "Prayer, perseverance, passion, tenacity, dedication, and the drive to excel in every endeavor underscore my approach to life and account for the phenomenal success of Major Chase. What do we "chase"? Fame? Fortune? These are as fleeting as a falling star. No, we chase perfection - which, by its very nature, embraces beauty, virtue, clarity of mind and spirit, and moral fortitude. I wanted to produce the "perfect" golf glove at the "perfect" price to satisfy the most fastidious, doggedly determined, uncompromising golfer. If I achieve that goal, Major Chase makes "perfect" sense!"

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